Small Business Marketing

Websites, Logos, Social Media and Advertising Services.

About Our Small Business Marketing Services:


To save money when starting out, a lot of people in the Trade industries either do their own websites, or fork out anywhere from 5-10k for a good website.


We provide something in the middle.


We don't believe a basic website should cost the earth, and we don't believe a cheap website should look basic.

We have developed a really easy process for Tradies and other small businesses to get a professional logo, website, social media and basic Google marketing campaigns set up for them.


You can choose one thing, you can choose the lot. We do it all here and we make it as pain-free as possible.

We decided to offer this service when our Owner's husband (an Electrician) asked us to do is website for him - after getting some crazy quotes. He needed a website that was cheap but didn't know where to start, what to write on it, how to buy a domain name - which is fine because that's not what's he an expert at. 


Happily, this is what we do.

We deliver good-looking websites quickly. Afterwards we can hand the whole thing over to you, or you can keep using our services to add and update your site for a small hourly $30 + GST fee when you want something done.


You can check out the website we did for Bennett & Fitzgerald here, to see the kind of stuff we do. While we didn't have many photos for the site, we got it live anyway because it's best to operate on the 80/20 rule - if it's 80% ready, get it live. It hurts your business more NOT having a website these days. So if you've been holding off because you don't know what to say or have nothing to show - talk to us and let's see if we can help. 



1. Small Business Website $1,500 + GST

A modern contemporary website with multiple pages and simple layout so it's easy for your customers to navigate their way around your site.

Our professional copywriter works with you to write a website that makes your business stand out and promotes your services.

How does it work?

1) We send you a brief. We ask you some questions and ask for things like your logo, for print-quality photos to use on your website and some questions about your business.


2) You email your answers back to us


3) Then we write and build your website for you


4) We send you a private link to click on, to you to let us know what you think


5) We make some changes if you want anything adjusted or added


6) We make your site live, and you're all set


It's literally that easy.


As part of our website service, we also make sure we do a couple of things to help your business grow:

+ We optimise the writing on the website, using key words, that Google and other search engines recognise. Even if you don't pay for any Google Ad campaigns, this will boost your organic (unpaid search) and help you to rank better in search results


+ We make sure the website is mobile-friendly. In the under 35 age group, over 90% of people are reading websites on mobile phones, not desktop PCs. So we want to make sure your site looks as good as possible on mobile


NB We can't work with your existing website - to keep our costs down and make the price for you low, we use our own designs. We can take all the information from your existing website and put it on our new one - but we can't go in to the one you already have. We CAN rewrite it for you - but you'll need to load up the new wording yourself. Just flick us an email if you want a price for that. 


2. Logo - $250 + GST


If you need a basic logo, we can make it for you - we'll give you some ideas to look at and you tell us what you like. It's your's to keep afterwards, and we'll send it in a few versions so you can use to to brand your clothing and vehicles/tools etc. 


If you have specific ideas or need something special, we can put you onto an amazing graphic designer we know. It will cost more, but you'll also have a logo that's unique to you and your business. 


3. Social Media - $500 + GST


You can set up your Facebook account yourself for free.


Or, we can set it all up for you so you can run ads and have automated message replies when you're on a job and can't reply. We optimise your About copy and other important information, and make sure the pages are set up really well.


We can do the trifecta -  your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts for you - all for a flat rate of $600. 


Please note this is just to get your pages set up, with some original content on them about your business and your profile and cover photos set up for you. 


4. Google OR Facebook Advertising 


We charge a base rate which includes our time and the recommended budget we think you should spend on advertising. The sky is the limit with how much you could spend, we recommend starting small, seeing how it works, and then you can decide based on fact, if you should spend more.



Google Advertising is not a guarantee of enquiries or your phone ringing off the hook, but Google has pretty much replaced the Yellow Pages for searching for a business, so it's a good cost-effective option when you are starting out.


We also think this is a lot cheaper than advertising in your local paper - those ads cost on average about $800, per issue. You're better off spending more on Google over two months than on one ad in a local newspaper issue. Just our two cents.


Google Ads are the ones you see when you search on Google and they're the first ones to come up. Google SEO Advertising are the top search results under the ads.


You probably already know what Facebook ads are. :-)



Google Ads are great - they put you at the top. Google SEO spend is great too - if you spend money here, your ads will perform much better because Google favours their advertisers. Facebook advertising.... we don't think it works as well for Tradies when you're starting out, but we can run a clever campaign for you if you want us to give it a try and let you see how it works. 


5. Advertising


We can make up ads for you - with your logo and words from your website we wrote for you. We can do flyers for local letterbox drops, Trade Presenters like this one for more corporate clients you want to connect with, newspaper and website ads, and social media ads. 

6. Branded Gear


We can do your branded gear for you. We use AS Colour for our clothing - nice fits, good colours, plus they wash and dry well. We use a local embroidery company we really like and who we've used a lot for ourselves and our clients.



We think embroidery is best - when you're throwing your gear in the dryer, screenprinted stuff can start to peel, fade and look shabby.