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What Can We Help You With?


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Digital Content Creation + Copywriting


We create customised online content for earned, owned and paid channels;

// Blog posts

// eDMs

// Website copy - new and reviews/refreshes

// Social media posts, graphics and content strategy

// Short and long-form articles

Our content marketing services are designed to influence consumer behaviour in line with your specific business objectives.


We can take a brief and get on with it, or we can work with you on some “big ideas” to help shape your messaging for your campaigns, and then promote these messages across the right digital channels for you.


We focus on digital delivery but we deliver to all media and advertising channels, including print, online, social media and other proven content marketing platforms.

Social Media Management + Coaching


Target and connect with online media and communities.

We narrow our social media management focus to:

// Facebook

// Instagram

// LinkedIn

We manage online and influencer campaigns that reach targeted audiences through clever, up-to-date digital communication strategy in selected social media channels.


We engage with key influencers, spark discussion and use your core messaging to build and enhance your social profile - and we're really focused on conversion strategy.


e-Commerce is an area of specialty for us, and we are focused on making sure we keep our eye on the bottom line - sales. 

Successful social media marketing involves a lot of trial and a lot of evolving learning – we are always testing, always evaluating and always adapting as algorithms and ‘the rules’ change.


It’s vital to know what’s working on social media – and what’s not. We keep our clients educated with regular social media updates, so keeping yourself and your wider business informed on the latest changes is easy.

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Communications Planning

Get the foundations right.

If you know what you want to tell people, but don’t have the capacity or know-how on the best way to get those messages out there - we can help you.

Communications Strategy and Planning is one of our core services - and one we excel at. No matter how complicated, technical or combative your internal and external communications offering is, we can absolutely bring you through to the other side.

No business is the same - but we have ‘been there, done that’ and all services we offer, always begin with this - what do you want people to know about you?

We offer a bespoke service so there is no one way for all businesses. If this is something you need help with, we encourage you to give us a call. What seems impossible, probably isn’t.

Marketing Design


Making cool stuff.

We offer marketing design services and are at the forefront of design innovation. While Content Marketing, Copywriting and PR services are structured, objective-led pieces, Marketing Design is our creative expression and one we revel in.

We create short videos for brands - using a range of your existing collateral, stock imagery and graphics we design ourselves.


Our customers use our videos for a range of reasons - some are for social media, a lot are created for trade marketing purposes (conferences, seminars, sales presentations and brand introductions).


On top of this we deliver design for animated GIFs, memes, stylised Instagram and Facebook Story content and digital advertising assets.




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Publicity + PR


Be Seen. Be Known.

At Digital Citizens, we consider Public Relations a crucial business tool that works to tell the right people about your company’s products, services and ideas, your philosophy and your motivations, in the right way. We see any form of communication about you, or your brand, as PR - whether it be media coverage in print or online, including social media.


Originally intended to provide information to journalists, press releases are increasingly being read by bloggers. With many offline press offices moving online, journalists are also bloggers, and bloggers are the new citizen journalists, so the lines are becoming even further blurred! 


The press release is becoming an ever more crucial means of reaching a growing audience.


As well as promoting conversation around your company and its products, online press releases should drive traffic to your site and your social media pages. They also raise your or your brand’s profile. All of this increases your influence online


We connect with journalists and influencers online to initiate talking points about your brand, and work towards you becoming a trusted thought leader in the marketplace.


Most importantly, we build and maintain positive one-on-one relationships with a broad range of media, to facilitate media coverage for our clients.