A How To...

Some of us PR and Comms pro’s got together this morning to talk about what to do this week with your marketing, following Friday’s atrocity in Christchurch.

As our nation still reels in shock and grief, we suggest you tread very carefully this week, especially on social media, and with your email marketing.

There is a potential concern for businesses regarding negative associations trying to promote or sell products and services right now, particularly via social media. Across posts, ads and events, people are reacting strongly to the jarring nature of someone trying to overtly sell something at a time that frankly, is probably too soon.

This is the protocol most of our clients are following. Life and business goes on, but there’s a time and a place. We have advised all our clients to hold off their funnel ads, social media advertising, events, competitions and promotions for this week. We suggest the same for trigger emails or anything currently on automation.

This is about your brand reputation, but it’s also about being respectful.


+ Publish an official post from your business about Friday.

+ Develop a short-term strategy on how to maintain contact with your customers, minus the sales push - discuss it, and make sure everyone is on board.

+ Review your scheduled content and delete anything inappropriate for at least the next three to five days.

+ Maintain exposure that is respectful, which won’t draw negative responses - both conscious and subconscious. Air NZ came under attack over the weekend for their tone deaf flight pricing to Christchurch - if you are a small business in a competitive market, the wrong post could really damage your relationship with a customer and how they perceive you.

+ Be careful how you approach this. If you are unsure, ask a pro, or wait. 

+ Lastly, we encourage you to support your local Muslim businesses. Owners and staff are scared. Some need to take time off to go to Christchurch. Some are Mums and Dads who want to be close to their kids. Find out your local Muslim businesses and spend some money with them. Show them we really are one, and when times are tough, us Kiwis pull together and come out stronger than ever.