What You Need To Know

Facebook often provides little to no notice of changes they are making to the ways we see content and the order we see it in.


The latest changes mean business Pages will struggle even more to show up on a Newsfeed, even if they’re advertising on Facebook. Page owners who use ‘engagement bait’ will be penalised. So if you’ve been posting things asking for Shares and Tags, you may have seen a dip in your reach for your posts.  Overall organic reach is likely to be dropping anyway on business Pages.

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How do we overcome these new challenges? A couple of points:


1)      The main change means they now prioritise engaging content - between family and friends. They're also in the process of demoting low-grade viral content. So your post needs to drive more comments and discussion to get the priority you want and continue to grow your audience.

Blatantly asking people to tag and share won’t fly anymore – the heyday is over, now you have to be clever with your content strategy if Facebook is where you want to invest your time and marketing budget.


And you need to advertise, and you need to spend more than you probably have been.


2)      Facebook is not the be all and end all of successfully marketing your business.


Yes it has it’s place, but it isn’t everything, and it helps to put that into perspective.


Have you looked at the Facebook stats to see if the people you want to reach, are actually there? Throughout my career I've worked with dozens of brands who have Facebook pages with zero content strategy behind them, and no clear purpose on what they're trying to achieve.


The other question to ask yourself is ‘Where do my transactions take place?’ You may be running an online shop on your website, for example. If that’s the case, the best investment you can make in your online business is to advertise to segmented audiences on Facebook with curated content, optimise your website for SEO purposes, and ensure your customer journey on your site is easy, fast and works well on desktop as well as in mobile format. Your Facebook page should drive website traffic, and your paid advertising should support that.


It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking Facebook is the fastest way to reach a lot of people but in truth, unless you've wrapped your head around targeting, you could be wasting your time and marketing budget.


For a lot of businesses, their social channels are just a value-add, or another way to get people over to their website which is where the real business happens – the conversions, or people doing what you want them to do.


There’s a wealth of information out there online and in Facebook groups, just be mindful when taking advice on your social on board, it from a qualified marketer who knows what they're doing. Anyone can claim to be a social media expert these days, so do your research first and ensure whoever you're trusting with your success is legit. 


And, if you’re short on time or desire to run your social yourself, DC is always here to help. 

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