Vero - What We Think...

If you haven't heard of Vero - True Social yet, you will soon.


Backed by a billionaire, Vero launched by offering it's first million accounts for free. After that, it becomes a paid subscription service although we're told the annual fee will be around the price of two cups of coffee.


It's been dubbed 'the new 'Instagram' and it's main point of difference is that it has no ads. 


So what's the opportunity for businesses? You can still set up a profile for your business, and influencers can promote brands in their posts too.


We have set up our profile - it's buggy, slow to load and it's taking several attempts to post content. The explanation is that it's gone viral so quickly, they can't keep up, and normally their platform is slick and delivers and excellent user experience.


Vero is aiming for an older, more upscale crowd. Apparently, they'll also be making money by taking 'single-digit commission' off of goods sold on their platform.


One thing also worth mentioning is that in their T & C's, they state they reserve the right to own all User Content - so beware of putting up your IP, photos of children, photography etc as it's unclear if or how they may use your content.


So far we're a little dubious - if your launch plan is to offer it for free to the first million people, then surely you tested it thoroughly? Now they're saying it's buggy and they're experiencing delays because it's gone 'so viral' they can't keep up with demand and are overwhelmed.


To me that just sounds like this was part of their marketing launch strategy, and that they're using this time as an opportunity to drum up global PR and continue to test on real people. They've also partnered with the likes of GQ who have already posted an editorial piece to say they can't believe the number of app downloads so far and what a great platform it is.


While it definitely holds some possibilities, we're reserving judgement on the technical side of things until things calm down, then we'll see if it really is as slick as they say.

In the meantime, we're there under 'Jodie Bennett' naming DC in our Bio, follow us if you like and we can both see how Vero evolves in the next few weeks.

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