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The Facebook Ads Trap (and it’s booby trap cousin, The Click Funnel)
  • A $100,000 launch is meaningless when you spent $98,000 on Facebook advertising.

  • A $40,000 deal is pointless when you have to pay $39,000 to your agency.

  • A record sales month is basically just depressing when you can’t afford to pay yourself.

These days a lot of businesses are relying on funnels as the secret to scalable, sustainable and profitable Facebook ad strategy.

But I wonder, how many people actually look at the process and ask ‘Is this right?’ I feel like I can’t be the only one?

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Influencer Marketing: A Timeline Towards Puberty

Influencer Marketing reached a peak, but also a very hormonal stage.

Firstly, many Influencers weren’t getting paid, on time, or at all. In Australia in particular, it became commonplace to demand payment upfront before delivering on activity. PR practitioners and marketers valued the reach and opportunity they presented, just not enough to pay on time.

On the flip side, marketers were paying for content that was provided by Mums, models and online celebrities who had no idea how to deliver to a marketing brief. CTA’s, CX and ROI were foreign terms and generally viewed as optional.

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