We Are Storytellers and Strategists

digital citizens

We are storytellers and strategists, connectors and collaborators.

Digital Citizens is a full service Strategic Communications and PR company, led by multi award-winning founder, Jodie Bennett.

We specialise in business storytelling, using strategic Marketing Communications innovation combined with powerful storytelling techniques to increase awareness and influence, strengthen your brand and support business growth.

We are in the business of delivering results. Everything we do is bespoke and all the work is done here in New Zealand. We can manage any or all of your overflow, project work or ongoing digital marketing, PR and communication needs.

We serve businesses all over the world but our purpose remains the same - we live in your audience’s head, and that is central to every piece of work we do.

Let’s work together.

Digital Citizens provides consultant and freelance services, leaving you to get on with the things you do best, while we focus on the things we do best.  

Engaging Digital Citizens means you can outsource specialist services to senior professionals who will lead, and deliver.

Ready to grow your business? Let’s get started.